Sport Science Commission

The Sport Science Commission was created to:

  • Encourage and widen the level of investment in applied research in badminton,
  • Improve the level and quantity of scientific material available to coaches and badminton practitioners,
  • Increase the players’ and coaches’ knowledge of performance and safety at international level.

The Sport Science Commission is responsible for the following key areas:

  • Research
  • Assessment of annual grant applications
  • Quality / Dissemination
  • Performance / Safety

The work of the Commission is guided by its Terms of Reference which is approved by Council.

The Sport Science Commission is made up of the following experts:

  • Dr. David Cabello (Spain) – Chair
  • Emeritus Professor Dr. Adrian Lees (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Martin Fahlström (Sweden
  • Dr. Niels Christian Kaldau  (Denmark)
  • Dr. Mark King (United Kingdom)
  • Professor Dr. Hanno Felder (Germany)
  • Dr. Greg Kim (Korea)
  • Professor Ranjit De Silva (Sri Lanka)